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FREE 5-Day Book a Gig Challenge

Book your first or next high-paying gig ESPECIALLY suited for Classical Musicians…


In this 5-day challenge you will get LIVE BEST-IN-CLASS MUSIC CAREER TRAINING THAT OTHERS HAVE PAID $997 absolutely FOR FREE Starting on 11/29/2021

"I had always wanted to start a string quartet but was too overwhelmed to even get started. Jared Helped me overcome those hurdle." - Karlee Lewis, Buffalo Heartstrings

Dear Classical Musicians,

Most classical musicians struggle to make a living from their art.

If you're anything like me, you got a music degree or two (or three!), hoping that you would land that audition, or impress the committee for that college teaching position.
Eventually, reality sets in.
You don't win the audition. You don't get that job. Or you don't even bother submitting your resume because you know there are hundreds of others applying too, and they've all been at this longer than you have, so you don't even stand a chance.

This is about when you start to give up on your hopes and dreams. You settle for a non-music job, or get into teaching.
It's great to see your students succeed, but YOU deserve success too.
Community orchestras and theater pits are fun, but playing for free (or less than minimum wage if you factor in rehearsal time) destroys your ability to value your time and contribute to art.

After all, didn't you spend tens (hundreds) of thousands of dollars so you could be a performer? Do you really want to let the artist inside you die?

I was on this path too. I was about to graduate with my Master's in Orchestral Conducting, and LOSING auditions left and right. On the plane ride back from another failed audition (this time to conduct the Air Force Band), I realized I needed to take matters into my own hands.
I marched from the music building to the business building and asked for help.
After just a few lessons, I started to book my own performances. And not free or cheap ones, but $200, then $500, then $1,000 and more.

After getting really good at booking them (and using my musicianship honed in music school to knock them out of the park), eventually I was booking and playing over 6-figures worth of performances each year. I would have paid DOUBLE music school tuition if they taught me how to do this.

The FREE 5-Day Book A Gig Challenge will reignite your passion for classical music. It will show you how you can not only have as many performance opportunities as you want, but also how to make GOOD MONEY from those performances.

You'll learn:
  • How to value your time as an artist instead of letting others decide for you
  • The NUMEROUS hidden high-paying performance opportunities in every city
  • How to tap into these performance opportunities (hint: it's not what other musicians are doing)
  • ​Much more!
The Book A Gig Challenge will be hosted in a private Facebook group. Every day during the week of the Challenge (Monday through Friday), I'll be going LIVE in the group with about 45 minutes of training.

You'll be able to interact with me and other challengers. At the end of each day, you'll be given an assignment to complete that will accelerate your success.

But in order to get back on track with your career as a performer, you have to sign up now.

Once the challenge begins, signups will close (meaning if you miss it, you'll have to wait for the next challenge to begin - that is if we even host another one). And it's FREE, so there really is no good reason not to join.

Join the challenge today, and remember… you're just one gig away!

Jared Judge

Meet Your Challenge Host

Jared Judge

  • BME Music Education (Penn State), MA Orchestral Conducting (UW-Milwaukee)
  • Founded Wisconsin's Top Wedding String Quartet
  • Helped Classical Musicians Earn Over $1 Million+ As Performers

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Classical Musicians

What If There Was A Way For You To Make a Living Doing What You Love… Even If You Feel You're Not Good Enough?


Is this for all musicians?
This challenge is specifically designed with classical musicians in mind. While the strategies presented in the challenge will work for all kinds of musicians and all kinds of gigs, the challenge will be most effective for classical musicians who can sight-read gig music and book their first or next gig quickly.

Will this help me book a bar/festival/tour?
This challenge will lay a solid music business foundation that will help you book high-paying private events. We've found these kinds of events pay enough to earn a living performing, while also providing the flexibility to pursue other creative work. The music business principles taught in the challenge can be applied to booking other kinds of gigs.

How much does this cost?
The Book a Gig Challenge is completely free! Simply register using the button below, then you will be redirected to a private Facebook group where the challenge will be conducted live every day at 8pm Eastern Time. Each session will be about 45 minutes, and there will be an assignment to complete after each day.

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The Book A Gig Challenge is not a business opportunity, and individual results are not guaranteed since they are dependent on each participant's ability as well as market conditions.